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February 6, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes


TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - February 6, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.

ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Richard Held, Jeff Hunter and Brian Nerdahl. Steve Perry was absent. Brian Jopek, Lakeland Times and two others were also present.

AGENDA:  Motion by Held, second by Bauers to approve the agenda. Motion carried. 

MINUTES: Motion by Nerdahl, second by Hunter to approve the minutes of the January 16th, 2013 meeting as read. Motion carried. 

PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE:  1)Meeting at the Town of Woodruff at 1:00pm on Feb. 22nd  with State Officials and the D.O.T. about the Hwy 51 project. 2)Bill Gardner of Minocqua Land Investments is the owner of record of Auggie’s and Mooseview and wanted the board made aware of this. He would like to have the liquor license transferred from Mooseview to Auggies because he has a potential buyer. Bauers informed Rynders, present on Gardner’s behalf it wasn’t his to transfer. We would have to advertise the license was available, accept applications and then the board would review them all and make a decision. 3)An email from Jim Bollmann explaining the clear zone and another from Jopek to Bollmann questioning the geotechnical drilling on Old Hwy 51N.

SPEAKER PHONE PARTICIPATION: One of our supervisors was out of town and wanted to participate by speaker phone. WTA said we needed to take a stance on whether or not this would be allowed in our town by a board vote. Motion by Held, second by Nerdahl to allow speaker phone participation by currently elected supervisors only. Motion passed with a 3 to 1 vote.

DISC GOLF TOURNAMENT: Bill Stolpa is looking for the support of the town for the Disc Golf Tournament at Brandy Park this Spring. There will be more information in the future. 

MSA INFORMATION ON TRID PROJECT: Jim Larson, Brian Artac and Steve Perry wrote comments about the Old Hwy 51 TRID project and returned them by the due date of 2-1-13. There are pink flags that represent the disturbance limit or the slope staked area of the project. The clear zone is 13 feet from the edge of the traveled way. At this point we won’t put a ditch in, in order to save trees, we’ll ditch where we can and any trees 12” and under will be removed. Motion by Bauers, second by Held to abide by the minimum standards the state sets to do the project and receive the grant. Unanimously approved.

Bauers and Bollmann met with the AVW Superintendent and he is ecstatic about the project. They would like to add a dedicated right turn lane into the school. MSA will draw plans to move the sign, get rid of the sidewalk and curb and quote the school for their participation.

5 soil borings were done on Tuesday. They went 5-feet in depth and found that nothing was fractured. MSA suggested to pulverize and take the 6” off the top and give it to the town for other road work. Then add 8” of fractured gravel and then the asphalt. With us going from a 20ft wide roadway to a 30’ wide roadway they would like a consistent road and they feel that would be best. After much discussion a motion by Held was seconded by Nerdahl to let Bollmann, Bauers and Pitlik work out the best and most cost effective plan for the town. Unanimously approved.

DISTRICT MEETING - WTA:  The District meeting is in Minocqua on Friday March 15th. Bauers and Hunter will attend the last half of the day. Nerdahl will check his schedule.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Held, second by Hunter to adjourn the meeting at 8:10PM. The next general meeting is February 20th, 2013.

These are the unapproved minutes of the February 6th, 2013 meeting.


Mary Reuland, Clerk