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2015 Annual Meeting Agenda




April 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm


The Annual Town Meeting is a meeting of the electors of the town to exercise powers directly.  This meeting clearly distinguishes towns from other Wisconsin governments.  The state, villages, cities and counties act completely through elected representatives.  The town meeting goes back to the earliest settlements in New England.  This meeting is a meeting of the electors – the people – not a meeting of the Town Board.

An agenda is not required by statute in advance of an Annual Town Meeting.  If the town board anticipates bringing up particular subjects at the meeting, an agenda can be made to inform people of the topics for action at the meeting.

The following is an agenda of the topics suggested by the town board and some taxpayers:

1.     Swearing in new Board Members.

2.     Approve minutes of April 15, 2014 Annual Town Meeting.

3.     Designate Town’s Legal Newspaper.

4.     Designate Town’s Legal Banks

5.     Chamber of Commerce Report

6.     Brandy Park Report

7.     Fire & Rescue Report

8.     Recognition of Frank Bauers for 34 years of Service as Fire Chief