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4-17-18 meeting minutes

<![endif]--> TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE - General Meeting - April 17, 2018

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the general meeting to order at 6:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.


ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Ashley Roach, Brian Nerdahl, Ryan Johnson and Jeff Hunter. Abigail Bostwich from the Lakeland Times and 21 others were also present.


AGENDA: Motion by Nerdahl, second by Johnson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


MINUTES:  Motion by Bauers, second by Hunter to approve the minutes of the April 4th, 2018 meeting and dispense with the reading. Motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The March report was reviewed by the board. Motion by Hunter, second by Roach to approve the report as presented. Motion carried.




ATV / UTV LOCAL ACCESS DISCUSSION WITH THE DNR:   We received a call from David Walz from the DNR based on a complaint the State received on the “local access only” for the ATV trail. The only way this is allowed is by Municipal Ordinance that the roads are open as a route, posted as a route in order for local access only signs. We should also be filing our ordinance with the DNR. He emailed standards and came to our meeting providing the board with ATV Route Guideline and Suggestions Handbook. He also provided ATV/UTV Sign References which are controlled by the DOT. Legislature has not created the same laws for ATV as what snowmobiles have for local access. Bauers stated that we don’t want to open every road in town as an ATV route just for local access. Dewey Sternberg, president of the ATV Club said ACT #193 will help with signage because just the outskirts of the town needed to have signage. The ATV Club will come back to a May meeting. There are a couple ways to handle this, one way is a referendum question in November.  


BUILDING REPORT:  1- addition $40,000.00.  March’s total $40,000.00.  Years total $181,000.00. 


APPROVE CHECKS & VOUCHERS:  Checks 40439 to 40511 were approved for April in the amount of $51,034.04.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 6:48PM. The next general meeting is May 2nd, 2018.



Mary Reuland, Clerk