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5-16-2018 meeting minutes

<![endif]-->TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE - General Meeting - May 16, 2018

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the general meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.


ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Jeff Hunter, Ashley Roach and Ryan Johnson. Brian Nerdahl was absent. Brian Jopek from the Lakeland Times and 10 others were also present.


AGENDA: Motion by Johnson, second by Hunter to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


MINUTES:  Motion by Hunter, second by Bauers to approve the minutes of the May 2nd, 2018 meeting as read. Motion carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  The April report was reviewed by the board. Motion by Johnson, second by Roach to approve the report as presented. Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE: 1) Huntington Bank fraud protection information.  2) Article from Vilas County on tax assessment and how to contest property taxes.3) DOT meeting in Vilas County on 5-17-18 in regards to 6 bridges in Vilas County. 4) Request to please put agendas on the website. 5) Dale Mayo’s emails with Rob Swearingen’s office on local access for ATV’s. 6) Two calls with complaints about ATV routes. Todd Morgan is very unhappy with the signage, lack of enforcement, and restrictions. He will continue to come to meetings and request action.


GRAVEL FROM THE STATE:   We have the opportunity to get some gravel from the State for $1.00 per yard and then the crushing fee of $4.00 per yard. This is a great price and less than what we normally pay. Motion by Johnson, second by Hunter to purchase 10,000 yards of gravel from the State. Unanimously approved. 


CCC PURCHASE – STEVE WOLFE: The Cross Country Cruisers want to buy a new John Deere and to get a sizeable municipal discount they would like to use our FEIN number. The club will pay for it in full. Motion by Johnson, second by Roach to allow the CCC to use our FEIN # to purchase their John Deere and receive a municipal discount. Unanimously approved. 


ROADS TO PAVE & CRACKSEAL: Bauers provided the board with a recap of the road tour and listed our worst roads. They agreed that Mattke Rd. to Sumach Lake Rd. which included 3 culverts is one they all agree to. That will eat up most of the road budget.  Motion by Bauers, second by Johnson to bid out Mattke Rd and Santo to Willies Dr. We will also do cracksealing

and the parking lot. Unanimously approved.


AMENDMENT TO ORDINANCE #2-2016:Amendment #1 to Ordinance #2-2016, ATV/UTV Use on Town Roads was approved at the May 2nd, 2018 meeting and will be in force after the second reading and publication. The amendment adds 9 roads as routes. Motion by Roach, second by Bauers to approve the amendment and enforce it after publication. Unanimously approved.


SHORT TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT: Tabled until a next month.


BUILDING REPORT:  1-stick house $35,000.00, 1-storage unit $145,000.00,  1-addition $20,000.00,  1-garage $7500.00,  1-demo $1500.00.  April’s total $209,000.00.  Years total $390,000.00. 


APPROVE CHECKS & VOUCHERS:  Checks 40512 to 40582 were approved for May in the amount of $77,344.64.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:00PM. The next general meeting is June 6th, 2018.


Mary Reuland, Clerk